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Nacho Mama

Nacho Mama

Nachos get a bad rap and I just don’t think it’s entirely fair. Sure, they’re sloppy and horrible for you (and apparently, as a food publicist, I’m supposed to dislike them, along with Chili’s and Cheez Whiz) but their unparalleled shareability shouldn’t be underestimated, nor should their sheer versatility. Gone are the days when nachos are reserved for ho-hum Tex-Mex menus; these days, nachos are popping up on ho-hum menus of all kinds!

A few of my favorites:

Coolidge Corner Clubhouse’s Classic Nachos – iconic and no frills, you will be full (and maybe even start crying) as soon as this plate (piled high with all the traditional fixings) is placed before you. I can almost will my body into cardiac arrest just by thinking about them.

Anchovies’ Italian Nachos – a disorienting blend of ricotta cheese, meat sauce, tortilla chips, jalapeños and chopped tomatoes would probably cause Nonna to have a stroke, but I think they’re deelish, especially when paired with a four dollar bottle of Chianti.

The Fours’ Buffalo Chicken Nachos – this gastronomic masterpiece puts the age old “wings or nachos” debate to bed for good – however, the debate about whether or not they should automatically come with salsa rages on (they don’t, but I’m not mad).

Posted by Nicole