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A Tallboy and a Rebus Please!

A Tallboy and a Rebus Please!

Drinking (especially drinking to excess) makes you slow and stupid. So what better way to challenge slow and stupid bargoers than to add tricky brainteasers to the back of their coasters? Back in action after a couple decades of dormancy, the revived Narragansett Beer is upping their presence all over New England in bars and pubs. If you’re lucky, alongside the next Narragansett tallboy you order will be a ‘Gansett rebus coaster, sure to deliver endless amounts of entertainment and fun!

Word of the day: rebus. “A representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols, often presented as a puzzle.” The rebus is part of Narragansett’s heritage — for over 50 years they have been printing the puzzles on the undersides of their bottle caps. Now they’re also available on coasters, for those who prefer their beer in a can or don’t like wearing their glasses in public! So keep your eyes peeled (and minds alert) for ‘Gansett rebuses in a bar near you.

And if you prefer to be slow and stupid in the privacy of your own home, you can now purchase your own set of the coasters online for just $3.00/6 at the ‘Gansett shop.

In the meantime, give the puzzle pictured above your best shot!

Posted by Sam