Near, Far, Wherever You Are, YOU Can See the Actual Titanic!

Blue Marble Private, a London-based luxury travel company, is crafting a trip sure to be coveted by history geeks, adventurers, and Titanic fans alike.

The experience is a deep sea visit to the depths of the ocean where the wreck of the Titanic resides. After 105 years since the ship’s sinking, travelers can embark on an 8-day journey which will allow them to witness the remains of one of history’s most momentous events.

The expeditions will commence in 2018 and include nine travelers per trip. And the price tag to see that famous grand staircase in-person? Approximately $100k. So start saving up, travel-lovers! This trip may just one time, but its memories will last for a lifetime (sorry for the Celine-overkill).












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