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Coffee Couture

Coffee Couture

Recently, Nespresso entered my life. Never before has there been a simpler or more elegant way to brew a delicious cup of coffee. The machine came free (aaah, the joys of dating a journalist, plenty of fun swag). However, I dreaded the day the colorful sampler pack of complimentary coffee pods ran out. Well that day arrived last week, prompting my visit to the Nespresso showroom on Newbury Street.

Now, I’m a true believer that you simply cannot overrate the importance of customer service. It’s why I find myself, often to the detriment of my “budget”, shopping in pricey specialty shops and department stores as opposed to value-oriented, markdown meccas. I have a tendency to overheat in dressing rooms and have mini panic attacks if something doesn’t fit as I feel it should, hence my dependence on attentive sales associates.

As I entered the gorgeous Nespresso shop I was promptly greeted by a young man dressed handsomely in a simple black suit. I was ushered to the espresso bar where I was presented with a menu of brewing options. “These are our new limited edition blends…care for a sample?” Why, yes indeed! Within minutes I was seated and enjoying a fresh espresso, accompanied by a branded chocolate and delightful conversation with my new barista beau. I sampled and shopped, registered my store account, and then was given my (eeeek!) loyalty card—I hate those! However, this one is a simple, cocoa-brown leather key ring with memory chip inside—oooooh fun! Before finally heading out, a deluxe pack of the new lungo line was dropped in my shopping bag for my tasting pleasure.

Needless to say, Nespresso more than impressed on the customer service front. Best of all, once you own the machine, the espresso pods are surprisingly reasonable ($17 for three 10-packs), and…ask for a sample and it’s the cheapest cup of coffee in town!

Posted by Sam