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New Age Consent

New Age Consent

Image Source: New York Times

*If you haven’t heard the song “Digital Get Down” by *NSYNC, I highly recommend you listen now*

A new app has recently launched that could possibly change our definition of sexual consent, and how we give it. Legal Fling allows you to clearly outline your personal boundaries, consent to intercourse with a single tap, and quickly escalate the situation if problems occur. Because this technology acts as a binding contract, any type of breach in contract can be held up in court.

In the wake of the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, the need for a clearer definition of consent has strengthened. The country of Sweden is currently breaking ground by creating a new law that requires explicit consent before any type of sexual contact. Is this app going to be as effective in the United States? It thankfully removes the majority of “gray areas” that surround sexual contact and consent, but this app also seemingly doesn’t allow for a change in heart or mind. Legal Fling’s website largely emphasizes that despite their technology, verbal consent is the key– which is absolutely correct. It is unfortunate that there are clear cultural and social issues in our country surrounding the topic of consent. Although it’s very reassuring that this app creates accountability and clear outlines, is it a little too binding? I’m unsure as to whether the widespread use of this is realistic, but this is most definitely a step in the right direction.

If only we could just have a normal conversation and a thorough understanding of consent without having to use a sex contract app… maybe it’s time to turn to Sesame Street.

Posted by Lexie