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New Emojis Are Coming. I Can’t Feel My (Digital) Face.

New Emojis Are Coming. I Can’t Feel My (Digital) Face.

Wise scholars (they go by the names Buzzfeed and Bustle…) once said “you can learn a lot about someone from their emoji use.” No, social news sites aren’t exactly on the same level as Rorschach and Meyers Briggs when it comes to personality analysis. Still, the idea that these little digital hieroglyphs can convey a bit about us (and express our emotions/moods/ideas) isn’t a far-fetched one.

As a self-proclaimed emoji addict, if challenged to do so, I don’t think I could go an entire day without using one. My text messages and social media captions just feel incomplete without a heart-eyed smiley face or party hat. I don’t even want to try and estimate how many times per day I use the celebratory praising hands and see-no-evil monkey emoji.

As much as we love those little go-to ideograms on our smart phones, it’s time for something new, don’t you think? Well, try to have some chill when I tell you this …. 72 NEW EMOJIS ARE COMING THIS MONTH in the hottest, most-anticipated drop of the summer. The face palm, tuxedo, avocado, clinking glasses, SELFIE, pancake and many more are soon hitting keyboards everywhere to set your text game on fire.

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The Unicode Consortium’s Unicode Technical Committee recently approved all of the new digital masterpieces, and they will be at our fingertips in a couple of weeks with the new iPhone iOs update. Side note – I love the idea of people sitting around an official boardroom at Unicode and voting that the mobile universe really needs SEVEN different notebook options and a suspicious-looking moon.  I always wondered how some of our most random and bizarre go-to avatars were decided upon.

With the unveiling of these new emoji, our language as we know it continues to expand. It’s kind of amazing how easy it is to type a complete paragraph (or reference a movie or song title) using only virtual icons.

Hey, if we’re all fluent in emoticons now, that basically makes us bilingual, right? Champs. *insert gold trophy emoji here.*


Posted by Ilana.