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New Year, New You, New Me?

New Year, New You, New Me?

Every year, as the end of the year comes to a close, I brace myself for people’s long lists of resolutions that start TODAY! Can’t always say that I love the packed gym in January, but m.props to you for establishing a set of goals that you’d like to accomplish in the upcoming 12 months. Some people mentally takes note of their resolutions; me, I love to physically write mine down and plaster them to the wall to subtly reinforce them by way of helpful little reminders each day.

Every year, my goals range from miniscule ones like not picking scabs (it’s the 5-year-old in me…gross, I know), to more overarching personality goals like spreading positive energy. And every year I find myself struggling to meet all of the resolutions on my seemingly ambitious list.

That’s why I was ecstatic to read USA Today’s article on the secrets to not breaking your New Year’s resolutions. The big one? Motivation. And not the motivation to accomplish the goal (though that can’t hurt), but the actual motivation behind why you would like to accomplish it.

“Instead, we must first motivate ourselves intrinsically. Be honest: Do you want to work out to look good or to live longer? Do you want to read more to learn or to appear smart? Even if the answer is shallow, own it. Since you can’t trick your brain, the only way to make lasting change is to connect with the deeper meaning and motivation behind your goals. This takes time, dedication, and humility, but if it’s for an important goal, the results are worth the effort.”

So this year, I plan to re-write my resolutions while keeping this in mind. Sure, it’d be great to be a little more fit, but in 2018 I am going to record the “why” and not just the “what.” It’s not my intention to exhaust myself at the gym every day because that’s an ideal that society embeds in our brains, but because working out at the gym today will make a stronger, healthier me tomorrow!

Posted by Olivia