New Year, New Resolutions


While I have always been the last person to diet/eat salads and workout, this year is different. As part of a New Year’s resolution, my boyfriend and I have decided to get healthier. We’re by no means unhealthy, per se – we hike/bike/kayak/etc. but do we go to the gym? Nah. Do we eat healthy? Sure, we eat vegetables – but with a heavy coating of cheese on them. Pizza? You bet – couple times a week.

Cam and I have decided 2018 is different. We’re *trying* to eat healthier, and work out daily, but I still crave all the yummy things of 2017. Fried Chicken? Rabble. Ice Cream? Rabble. Bacon? Rabble rabble.

Well, my fellow dieting friends, there is a light down the very long, dark tunnel. Scientists are creating heathier pigs (read: healthier bacon). Reducing the pig’s body fat by more than 24 percent, this could create a learner version of the crave-worthy cured meats.







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Sure, this was done in an effort to make livestock less expensive for farmers, but maybe dieters can reap these benefits? We’re still a long way to go before we can swing by Whole Foods for this leaner meat, but between bites of celery and pints of green juices, a girl can dream.

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