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New Year – New Workouts! 

New Year – New Workouts! 

It is safe to say that one of the best things I did for myself in 2017 was downloading the Class Pass app. This app changed my life. I have always loved working out and playing sports, but getting myself to go to the gym and figuring out an effective workout was hard for me. That’s why I switched to Class Pass. I can try any type of class and don’t have to feel like I have to create my own, effective routine – all I have to do is show up and the next 45-60 minutes are planned out for me! It’s mindless! As a result, I have become a (semi) fitness junky. I love trying new classes and always want to know about the latest workout trends.

So with 2018 just starting off, here are 3 trends I am personally excited/intrigued by the most:

1) Get ready to PLAY! Turns out, some experts think that this year the trend will be “returning to a childlike state of play” to get your workout in. This means no more boring, robotic movements but instead more dancing and games that will make us not even realize we’re working out! This is definitely something I will need to try!


2) Man’s best friend…and workout buddy? Apparently, some experts think that exercising with animals will be a big trend this year. I’m not too sure about what that means, or what it entails (more goat and cat yoga!?), but I am pretty interested to see if it really does take off.

3) Blame your genetic make-up if you’re feeling fat. Apparently, DNA testing to gain insights on how your body’s built is becoming more and more prevalent. Though it may not be in my financial budget, I would be interested to see how I could maximize and customize what I am eating and doing for the best results. There are now at home tests you can purchase if you really want to get to the bottom of your fitness and well-being.

Check out more predicted fitness trends for 2018 here!

Posted by Ally A.