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New Year’s Resolutions For The Non-Resolutioner marlo marketing. January 2019 - New Years Resolutions for the Non Resolutioner

New Year’s Resolutions For The Non-Resolutioner

Every year from mid-December to early January the phrase “New Year, New You” is plastered everywhere we look. We promise ourselves we’ll learn a new language, kick our habit of biting our nails, or even travel somewhere halfway across the world. While posts about healthy habits in January take over social media, some people, like myself, know that most of the time, resolutions are forgotten by the third week of the year. So, for my fellow non-resolutioners, here are a few suggestions for smaller, more attainable goals to make this year. marlo marketing. January 2019 - New Years Resolutions for the Non Resolutioner. Water bottle tracker.
Image Source: Uncommon Goods 

1. Drink More Water

Can anyone honestly say they drink 64 ounces of water every day? For some reason, eight glasses seems impossible, but it is the recommended daily intake. So, start now. Make it a goal to have one glass of water every hour throughout the day. For extra accountability, you can even get a water bottle like this one, which makes it super simple to know when to take a swig. Staying hydrated is good for every part of your body, especially your skin. Pro tip: Drink one glass as soon as you wake up to kickstart your metabolism. marlo marketing. January 2019 - New Years Resolutions for the Non Resolutioner. Limit social media.

Image Source: The Verge 

2. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can become an easy habit to form and a hard one to break. Spending too much time at the wrong time on social media can become detrimental to your mental health. Instead of double tapping pictures during dinner time, make it a point to be present when you are with other people. Try to focus on one thing at a time. If you are watching Netflix, stick with that. Don’t throw scrolling through memes into the mix, or you’ll overstimulate your brain. Need an extra push? Iphones have apps and settings that limit your social media time by alerting you when you’ve reached your daily max. marlo marketing. January 2019 - New Years Resolutions for the Non Resolutioner. Make your bed.
Image Source: The Muse 

3. Make Your Bed Every Morning

But, what if you’re the only one who sees your room? Doesn’t matter. Completing just one task habitually, no matter how small, has shown to dramatically increase productivity levels in people throughout the day. By folding your sheets and fluffing your pillows you are setting yourself up to accomplish more in the day than you would have without. Bonus — you get to come home from a long day to a bed that looks just as nice as it feels.

So, if learning how to paint or participating in “Meatless Mondays” aren’t in your 2019 plans, try opting for one of these resolutions (or maybe even all three). Happy 2019!

Posted by Molly