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Keep F$@#ing That Chicken

Keep F$@#ing That Chicken

One person’s misery is another person’s delight. Ok, I just made that up. But it’s true – we often can’t help but laugh at someone else’s misfortune. For example, my co-worker loves watching “people falling down” on YouTube. Seriously – he can’t get enough. So when Ernie Anastos, veteran news anchor for Fox5 in NYC, dropped the F-bomb on air recently, I watched it about 100 times. It’s like a massive car crash – completely horrible, but you can’t look away.

Here’s what happened… after weather, Anastos was chatting with the meteorologist and made a reference to an old chicken commercial. The weatherman made a comment, to which Anastos replied, “Keep fucking that chicken.” The best part – Anastos doesn’t even realize he made a mistake. Meanwhile, his poor co-anchor Dari Alexander was MORTIFIED. Check out the clip here:

While working at Channel 7, I frequently added clips to our Blooper Reel. (This is hidden in the tape library, but I guarantee every station has one.) Some of my favs: Kim Carrigan opens the newscast with “Top Cock” instead of “Top Cop.” Chief Meteorologist Pete Bouchard says, “I’ve got something coming up in my pocket for you.” What?! Or how about when a sprinkler system starts spraying in Nicole Oliverio’s face during her live report? Classic.

Here are a few of my favorite news bloopers, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Posted by Julie