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Newsflash: Celebrities Can Look Ugly, Too

Newsflash: Celebrities Can Look Ugly, Too

Image source Celebrity Close-up

Let’s be honest: we’ve all lusted after Jennifer Aniston’s flawless-in-her-40s skin and Sofia Vergara’s sought-after curves, but a new Tumblr site called Celebrity Close-up is shedding new light on the “Celebrities: They’re just like us” phenomenon. Featuring creepily close-up and less-than-flattering pics of some of today’s hottest celebs like Lady Gaga and Heidi Klum, to those who have seen better days (Billy Crystal and David Hasselhoff, I’m talking to you), this blog claims to take viewers “so close that you will beg to be taken far, far away to a place where you’ll never have to see that celebrity ever again.”

Unappealing pics of celebs without their team of hair and makeup have been plastered on tabloids for years, and we all remember the internet uproar when Russell Brand tweeted a pic of Katy Perry sans makeup (the horror!), but this site just takes it to the next level. While it’s kind of reassuring to know that those who grace the covers of my favorite magazines can take a bad picture, I could have lived without seeing every tiny pore and stray nose hair. Thanks again, Internet.

Posted by Erin