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Nice to Meat You, Design marlo marketing. Nice to Meat You, Design. Johnson Banks Meat Alternatives Packaging

Nice to Meat You, Design

Image Source: Dezeen 

With the rise of climate change becoming more evident, so is the rise of meat alternative foods. Many people did not grow up eating a vegan or vegetarian diet, so the transition can be tough. Though we may not realize it, most people associate “green” foods with packaging that looks a certain way and appeals to a certain demographic.

Johnson Banks is a London-based design studio that created an identity for a meat alternative brand called “This.” The package design is approachable to those who do not regularly eat a vegan/vegetarian diet, but are aiming to reduce their meat consumption. This new company creates meat alternatives made of soy and pea-based products that look very similar to chicken, pork and beef. “This” uses the visual appeal of meat as their selling point, and their packaging also follows suit, but without all of the plastic and overly-stylized design.

Through a non-disruptive approach to design, the intention is to make eating meat alternatives more approachable and to help people recognize that meat alternatives can taste as good as meat. The simple and bold aesthetic of the packaging makes it appear as a no-nonsense-kind-of-brand, contemporary, and is attention-grabbing.

Johnson Banks effectively modified the way in which people shop and perceive food packaging. This is just one example of the importance of good design and how it can contribute to changing habits and eventually, maybe the world!

Posted by Lucy