Ninja Time

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Can I admit something? The Olympics don’t really do it for me, but I secretly/not-so-secretly wish I were an American Ninja Warrior. Maybe it’s all the media out there surrounding the evils of sitting at a desk all day and the wear and tear of being connected 24/7, or maybe it’s because I’m still reeling from Jessie Graff’s ah-mazing run to become the first woman to complete stage 1, but if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would go on a PR sabbatical and start some serious ninja training. [Before you call me crazy, I would like to cite the fact that the publicist who sits to my left, also named Erin, shares this vision. Many days we discuss running together as Team E-Squared, and then bill that time to marlo marketing.]

The only hitch in this plan (aside from my pretty epic lack of coordination, gymnastics ability and upper body strength)? The announcers. I love puns as much as the next gal, but some of their commentary is downright awful. Thankfully, you don’t have to take my word for it, as the good people at the Deadspin’s “Fittish” have rounded up some of hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila’s worst wordplay.

If you define #winning by cheeseball factor, then, as they said of weatherman Joe Moravsky, “the forecast for success continues.” Catch ‘em all here:


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