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Nintendo Nostalgia!

Nintendo Nostalgia!

Image source Engadget

Nintendo was THE brand of the 90s, stealing our hearts with video games like Mario Kart and Donkey Kong, to name a few. Every kid on the block had a Super Nintendo growing up, before moving on to the classic N64. Playdates and sleepovers were consumed by battling each other to the finish line or trying to beat the next level with intense focus and deliberation.

After a sleepy decade in the shadows, it’s become clear that Nintendo is back in the game – pun intended. After the massive success of Pokémon Go, which I wrote about in a previous blog, Nintendo’s continuing the strategy of cashing in on nostalgia by releasing a mini replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, called NES Classic.

The small system will include 30 preloaded fan favorite video games, including: Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Pac-Man, and many more. Gone are the days where we’d blow relentlessly on the Nintendo cartridges so our game of choice would turn on – now we’ll have everything we want instantly in a tiny portable box.

Nintendo plans to release the NES Classic Edition in November for a reasonable price of $59.99. If the success of Pokémon Go has taught us anything, it’s that bringing back the good ole days is — in many cases — more successful then reinventing the wheel. I for one know what I’m asking for for X-mas this year. It’s like a flashback to 1998 and I don’t hate it – maybe I should leave Santa a note, too!


Posted by Anne.