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No Bleeps This Week

No Bleeps This Week

When McKay Hatch was in elementary school, he enjoyed hanging out with his friends. Then, come middle school, he noticed a significant change in all of them: they started swearing, doing it so much that they no longer even realized. McKay put his foot down and, in 2007, started the No Cussing Club. Begun with 50 members, today the club has over 35,000 members internationally, and 16-year old McKay has been on an extensive media circuit to promote his cause.

“I want to bring as much awareness as I can to people about their language and how they’re speaking to each other. We need to stop tearing people down and uplift them instead,” explains the young activist, who believes swearing is connected to harmful behavior like drug use and bullying.

Now, inspired by the California teen, lawmakers in the state have added language to their clean-up efforts. The first state to do so, the California State Assembly and Senate will vote on a resolution for a statewide anti-profanity week. If both houses approve it, the first week of March will officially be the annual “Cuss Free Week.”

While I’m not sure profanity will ever be completely eliminated, it certainly is a cool idea. I, myself, am totally guilty of mouthing off like a truck driver on more than one occasion. In fact, I find it comes in waves, and I certainly wouldn’t do well with live television. It’s been a goal of mine to cut back, and this certainly inspires me to do so.

Just one question lingers: what do you do when you really just need to get a good $#%* out? McKay recommends “Pickles!” “Flip!” — or, my personal favorite — “Barnacle!” Hmmm…good thing I don’t live in California!

Posted by Haley