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No More Average (Cup Of) Joe

No More Average (Cup Of) Joe

Image Source: Getty Images

Whether for late night studying or early morning commuting, coffee has continued to fuel the masses from within their homes for decades. A tub of Folgers rest atop nearly every household pantry, and a Mr. Coffee machine was always within reach to brew a communal, albeit decent-tasting, dose of caffeine.

Thanks to the brilliant minds of Keurig and the incredibly persuasive commercial skills of Nespresso’s George Clooney, however, times have changed for at-home coffee. No longer under the bare requirement of injecting energy into its family of consumers, coffee for the home now tastes like it’s straight off the counter of an Italian café. A range of quality flavors and brands are now within easy reach, and the individual consumer is empowered to choose their own brew with just a push of a button.

But as traditional coffee machines begin to vanish from kitchen counters (and even broke college students like myself are sporting elite, single-serve espresso machines), I’m starting to wonder what happened to that comfort of sharing a pot of joe with the entire household. Sure, I can create an artisan blend of flavors for my own mug, but I experience this pleasure alone and miss out on bonding over a pot brewed with the intent to share. While I do love a fresh Caramelito Espresso in the morning, I’d take just an average cup of joe from one common pot and some laughs with my roommates over that any day.

Posted by Barrette