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A Restaurant with ‘No Name’…

A Restaurant with ‘No Name’…

I love restaurants that have an amazing atmosphere. Dim lights, high-back plush chairs and exotic, minimalistic paintings hung on the wall. I love restaurants that play sexy lounge music… the kind that makes you feel like anything is possible. Clearly, I have a very particular taste when it comes to my dining experience… sometimes I think I judge a restaurant more by its scene than its food (my palate isn’t as developed as it should be… clearly). So, it should come as no surprise that when my ‘couple friends,’ Joey & Suzy, suggested a double date at No Name Seafood, I wasn’t elated.

My initial impressions:
First, why is it called No Name Seafood? I feel like that’s just trying too hard to be inconspicuous. They couldn’t think of a better name? Even just ‘Seafood’ would have been more appealing. Second, it’s located among several well-established Boston restaurants…I felt like a lost child looking out the back of the car window as we drove passed Morton’s, Aura and even Legal Test Kitchen (LTK) on the way to No Name. Third, once seated in No Name, there were paper Dixie cups for water (no real glasses) – gulp – what was I in for?

At No Name:
Upon entering the restaurant we were seated at a table next to the window. The view showed off Boston’s fish pier; an unobstructed look at water, buildings and docks that made you feel like you were sitting above the waves. The space itself was decorated with a nautical theme. The restaurant consists of a large open space (cafeteria-style) that appears to be designed to look like the inside of ship. The menu was as simple as the décor; your choice of fried or broiled seafood accompanied by corn, coleslaw and fries. For the picky eater, the menu was accommodating…nothing was overly seasoned or adorned with unusual accompaniments. I chose the broiled seafood platter – scallops, swordfish, salmon and scrod. Everything was cooked to perfection with little room for complaint. The portions of corn, coleslaw and fries were plentiful, making it impossible to walk away still hungry. The best part? The bill was cheap – a welcome change from most Boston dining experiences!

Would I go back to No Name Seafood? Yes. Why? It’s good for a night when you want the seafood version of “comfort food” and aren’t looking for any frills. The lack of atmosphere is the atmosphere and the simplistic style of the menu and décor are made up for in the taste, portion size, and price tag. Great for a family with kids, great for a budget-friendly meal and great for casual dining. No Name Seafood may lack a good name and atmosphere, but it’s a Boston experience that you have to experience to understand.

If you’re looking for something different, check it out, but beware – it’s a little difficult to find (hence, the ‘no name’).

No Name Seafood
15 Fish Pier Street West
(between Northern Ave & Trilling Way)
South Boston, MA 02210

Posted by Alyssa