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No Need For Fly Kicks

No Need For Fly Kicks

I started running because I read somewhere that Victoria Beckham got her hot body by running 4 miles a day. That little piece of information was all it took to get my butt on the treadmill.

Years later, I still don’t have Victoria’s hot body (no surprise…I could never give up carbs or chocolate). However, I did grow to love running.

I have heard that running is good for my heart, but bad for my knees. I have heard rumors about a runner’s high I have never been able to obtain. I have been told to run on my toes, to eat before I run, not to eat before I run, and I need to replace my sneakers once a year. The latter, unsurprisingly, was from a sneaker salesman.

But there is a new running myth out there that I am going to believe.
According to a piece in last week’s New York Times, cheap running shoes are just as good, or better, than expensive ones!

You heard it right…there is no need to spend 100+ dollars on a pair of sneakers. As long as you don’t care about style, just head to your local Target and pick up a pair of regular sneaks for 20 bucks. Your feet will be fine and your wallet will thank you.

I’m not saying I don’t want these fly, colorful kicks for $135, but if there is one place I am going to choose function over style, it will be at the gym.

I think mom would be proud…even if I do still splurge on my favorite Lululemon pants.

Posted by Hunter