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In industry lingo, we’re considered a full-service integrated consumer marketing agency.

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No Ship Like an Internship

No Ship Like an Internship

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They say there are tall ships and small ships but the best ships are friendships internships. As a summer 2017 marlo intern, I’m a big supporter of this (amended) statement. Ten weeks ago, I walked into 38 Chauncy the image of a fresh newbie, Lilly Pulitzer agenda in bag, Starbucks in hand. To say I was unsure of what to expect is an understatement. I knew in an academic sense, after taking two comprehensive marketing classes, I was hopefully at least a little bit prepared to enter the world of integrated marketing; I mean, I can fire off the 4 P’s of in my sleep and know the positioning statement formulation like the back of my hand (to target market our brand is point of difference that provides core benefit better than primary competitor). Want me to define owned, earned, and paid media? You got it.

The thing, as I quickly came to understand, is that learning in this field has to come from experiences, not textbooks. In the classroom, I’ve been taught theoretical, formulaic marketing – this is how you segment a market, these are the five types of advertisements, here’s a definition of branding. There’s nothing wrong with this approach; it’s straightforward to teach and understand and easy to grade. It’s also given me a habit of throwing unnecessary buzzwords into every other sentence, which is a pro or a con, depending on how you feel about phrases like synergies, perceived benefit, and strategic partnership. But what I’ve learned from the pros at marlo is how to actually get sh*t done.

From engaging with customers on social media to researching and proposing event plans, my experience at marlo has gone way, way beyond what I’ve studied so far in college and I’ll be taking everything I learned these past ten weeks with me. I loved coming into the office every day, even before getting coffee, which is really saying something. Every day’s been different and exciting and has taught me so much. Though my friends still doubt that I actually got any work done based on the constant snapchats/texts/tweets/insta stories of office dog Lulu, it’s been a fabulous summer and I can’t thank the marlo team enough! Intern Addie out.

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