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No Vacation? No Problem! IKEA Will Send You a Vacation in a Box

No Vacation? No Problem! IKEA Will Send You a Vacation in a Box

Image Source: IKEA via House Beautiful

While we’re very willing to make the sacrifice of staying put to save lives and keep our loved ones healthy, it’s still a huge bummer that we’ve had to cancel vacations, weddings, social gatherings, and other events, especially after such a rough start to 2020. Leave it to innovative home furnishings giant IKEA to create something that will bring our dream vacation right to our doorstep (okay — kinda).

IKEA’s “Vacations in a Box” is a curated package of the brand’s home furnishing products, themed to one of four dream destinations: Cappadocia, Turkey; Tokyo; the Maldives and Paris. Each box contains items such as pillows, glassware, rugs, and decor items to transport you to the destination of your choice, without ever leaving your living room. For instance, the “Feet up in the Maldives” box contains an artificial palm tree, bright striped rug, turquoise string lights and other colorful items. The boxes also contain downloadable music, recipes and activities booklets to help set the mood. Unfortunately for us in the US of A, “Vacations in a Box” are only available in the United Arab Emirates, though the downloadable items can be found on their website. Additionally, all of the items from each box are listed online, so you could create your own box by ordering the items online if you wanted to.

As a marketer, I find this concept genius — it’s timely, it’s fun, it’s fairly easy to execute and — the most important part — it drummed up a bunch of publicity for the brand. While we may need to put off our international adventures another year (at least), IKEA reminds us that, with a little imagination, we can create our own getaway right at home.

Posted by Erin