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No Waste Lifestyle? marlo marketing

No Waste Lifestyle?

Image Source: National Geographic

I clicked on an Instagram ad for a bamboo toothbrush the other day (those Insta ads, they’ll really get you, won’t they?) because I noticed that very morning how frazzled my current one was starting to look. In the days since I have been bombarded with all sorts of ads for no-waste, plastic-free, eco-friendly, sustainable products, from reusable food wraps to zero waste deodorant. That’s how these ads work (aside from apparently reading your mind) — they just flood your channels with products they think you’ll be interested in based on things you’ve clicked on. So now the powers that be have identified me as someone who is interested in living a waste-free lifestyle.

I would like to set one thing straight — I have no intention of moving off-the-grid into a tiny house, growing most of my own food, and using a composting toilet every day for the rest of my life. In fact, there’s probably a reality show or five out there about how horrible that would be. This recent inundation of environmentally friendly product ads, however, did get me thinking about the little things I do every single day that do cut down on my garbage footprint. I drink my coffee every morning out of a reusable thermos. I carry an aluminum water bottle around with me all the time so I don’t have to buy bottled water. I have a reusable grocery bag that folds down to the size of a very small wallet that I always have in my purse – it’s the best holiday present I’ve ever received. I don’t eat meat every day, I use a kitchen cloth to wipe down the counter-tops instead of paper towels (I only use those to clean up cat vomit… because ew). The list goes on… but shouldn’t I do more?

There are some people out there who will tell you that if you don’t eat a completely vegan diet or, God forbid, use a plastic straw, you don’t care about the environment at all! I am of the camp that operate under the adage “we don’t need a few people doing zero waste perfectly, we need a bunch of people doing it imperfectly.” So, I will now subscribe to a lifestyle which I dub the Lower-Than-Previously Waste Lifestyle, and I encourage you to do the same! You might carry your own straw to brunch, how else will you drink your Bloody Mary without a face full of ice? You might bring a reusable grocery bag with you to the store, or a coffee thermos for your morning dose of caffeine. Whether you do these things or not, I challenge you to ask yourself what other products do you use and throw away which can be replaced with reusable versions? Here’s a some ideas to get you started: produce bags, ziplock bags, makeup wipes, or even replacing your body wash with a bar of soap.

If everyone made just a few mindful swaps think of how much less trash we would all accumulate in just one year!

Posted by Catherine