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Not Sure Why You Did It, But I’m Glad You Did.

Not Sure Why You Did It, But I’m Glad You Did.

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You know those things you come across that make you think, “Wow. This person spent way too much time on this. Why did they spend so much time on this?” And then you think about the thing, and you’re happy they did? Well I’ve found one of those things.

Mister Epic Man (aka “MEM”) is not a YouTube channel that I frequent, but a friend of mine decided to send me this RIDICULOUS video recently, and it legitimately made me laugh out loud on the T. *Cue the “you’re a crazy person” stares.

What we have here is a video on how animals eat. Pretty simple concept, right? Well…when it’s some random dude acting out each animal, the entertainment factor shoots way up. I’m not going to give everything away, but I will say that my favorite is probably the whale portrayal (though the alligator is a close runner up). Enjoy!

Posted by Iman