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Not Taking No Calls, Cuz They’ll Be Dancing

Not Taking No Calls, Cuz They’ll Be Dancing


No one can deny the massive impact Lady Gaga has made on the music and fashion industry. Her songs remain at the top of the charts, and her style is never stagnant, always evolving and exciting. Now, fans have started uploading their own remakes of her most popular songs to YouTube including “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” and now, perhaps the most-replicated, “Telephone” featuring Beyonce. The original video has almost 40 million views on YouTube alone, and that number continues to grow on a daily basis. It’s no surprise to see fans pay homage through replication, but there is one in particular that stands out from the crowd.

A video was recently released entitled “Telephone The Afghanistan Re-Make” that, in two weeks alone, has garnered the attention of millions with almost 4.5 million views. In it, American soldiers in Afghanistan perform a completely choreographed routine (albeit a little silly) in both uniform and costume.

The brainchild of 24 year-old Aaron Melcher (who opens the video), this was never meant to be seen by the masses, just friends and family. I, for one, am happy it’s seen such popularity and support. With a cousin of mine in Iraq, a glimpse into that world helps calm nerves and uneasiness.

A military spokeswoman agrees. “The brigade command team is happy to see that they also still have a good sense of humor and that morale is high. The soldiers have a challenging mission there, and they were just having a good time and “blowing off some steam in their downtime.” ”

Love it.  Good job, guys!

Posted by Haley