Not Your Typical “Apple” Candle

Ahh, the scents of the season. There’s no denying that fall is top-notch for pleasing aromas: brisk air, freshly fallen leaves, crisp apples, warm pumpkin spice, new Mac computer… wait, what?

For those who prefer to stay indoors as the temps begin to drop, there’s a new autumnal smell to be enjoyed in the form of a soy candle. Apple accessory company Twelve South has released a candle scented like a freshly unboxed Mac.












Image source Twelve South

At just $24 bucks a pop, the 100% soy candle features blended notes of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage. I’m pretty sure I’ve never smelled anything other than excitement mixed with financial anxiety upon unboxing anything Apple. But hey, I sold my soul to the brand long ago, so I’d try it before I knock it. For those of us that can’t afford to run out and buy a new iPhone 7 or the new rose gold Macbook (so fetch), this candle is an affordable alternative to add that touch of techy-chic class to your humble abode.

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