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For Those with Nothing but the Clothes on Their Backs, Design Student Creates Everything They Need

For Those with Nothing but the Clothes on Their Backs, Design Student Creates Everything They Need

Moved by the plight of the millions of refugees fleeing their war-torn homelands, often with little more than the clothes on their backs, Massachusetts native Angela Luna considered how fashion could meet their needs for function. That interest led her to create a jacket that can be transformed into a tent and to eventually begin her socially-conscious fashion startup, Adiff Collection.

While still a senior at Parsons School of Design, Angela began researching the issues refugees often face. The most obvious were shelter and warmth, but there was also a need for life jackets that could be reflective when necessary for those traveling by boat. Angela solved these problems with a line of durable, versatile garments that can be used for shelter, converted to sleeping bags, reversed to signal for help, and be used as floatation devices.

Because they’re garments, they’re light and easy to ship in large quantities, allowing for expeditious access for those in areas of need and easy distribution for humanitarian organizations serving the homeless and rural third world communities in addition to refugees. Angela’s innovative designs have earned her Parsons’ 2016 Designer of the Year Award, the Eyes on Talents Innovation Award, and a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017.

Adiff is still in its startup phase and not ready for retail. However, their Kickstarter raised $97,397 in three months, well over their $60,000 goal, showing clear demand for the socially-conscious product. It’s a promising start. Perhaps one day soon, recreational hikers will enjoy the convenience of their dual-purpose jacket with altruistic satisfaction from knowing their purchase put one just like it on the back of a refugee.

Posted by Destiny