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Last summer, my mom sent a blog post to our family group chat that lists the the “5 Phrases You Should Stop Saying at Work.” As someone who always valued her career (hmm, wonder who I got that from?), she thought this was an especially important read for me as the piece mentions how women unintentionally use these phrases (which undermine credibility and authority) more often. After reading through the article, the word that stood out to me the most was “Sorry” – know I’ve been guilty of overusing this word, especially at the beginning of my career.
As the article explained,

“Unless you’re apologizing for a mistake you made or offering your condolences, there’s no need to say “sorry” in the office. Many people fall into the trap of prefacing requests with an apology, which assumes that they’re inconveniencing other people, i.e. “Sorry if I’m bugging you.” You never need to apologize for doing your job. The word “sorry” minimizes the strength of your statements, so only use it appropriately, when you really mean it.”

So I thought Freeform’s forbidding of any women characters uttering “Sorry” on International Women’s Day was genius. From 11AM to 11PM on March 8, Disney’s young adult network bleeped out (like it was a swear word) anytime a female character said the word. About 50 “sorrys” were removed throughout the day and the hashtag #NotSorry appeared on screen during that time as well. Fans were also encouraged to share their #NotSorry thoughts on social media.

You can check out some clips from the day below. #NotSorry for sharing – wonder how many unnecessary “sorrys” can be struck from the marlo office vocabulary today.

Video Source: Freeform

Posted by Christina V.