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Now I’m A Belieber (And I’m NOT Sorry)

Now I’m A Belieber (And I’m NOT Sorry)

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For years, I had the satisfaction of feeling quite smug with myself for rising above the mainstream of teenage girls and categorizing myself as “too good” to obsess over pop sensation Justin Bieber. I rolled my eyes at any mention of the Usher protégé, judged those who actually enjoyed his music, and shook my head in disgust at all the tabloid reports of him being an irresponsible, self-righteous ingrate.

But boy, have I had a major change of heart…and I know I’m not alone.

It all began with Skrillex and Diplo’s song with the Biebs, “Where R U Now.” I hated to love it. Sure, Justin Bieber sang on the track, but it wasn’t really his song, so as one of the last Bieber nonconformists around, it was easy for me to pass it off and call it a day.

Then came the Instagram teasers for his single, “What Do You Mean.” He had every actor, musician, athlete and socialite one could imagine posting photos on Instagram of them holding a sign with the title of the track and a countdown to its release. This, of course, led to fans across the globe replicating the photos, creating such anticipation for the track with a buzz only the Biebs could create. The song dropped, and I still find myself cranking it on my iHome; the acoustic form just as good as the studio version.

The recent release of his latest single, “Sorry” was the final straw for people everywhere who felt like me. It broke the ice and made everyone pro-Bieber. The song is a fire jam (is that what the kids are saying these days?). I even overheard someone say, “I don’t care that he was an a**hole anymore, because his new music is so good.”

Now, with a new album expected to drop in November, I think I am a full-on Belieber. And another revelation- I’m NOT “Sorry” about it.


Posted by Charlotte