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Now Raise Your Shrunken Hand & Repeat After Me

Now Raise Your Shrunken Hand & Repeat After Me

Image Source: Bad Lip Reading YouTube

January 20, 2017 was an extremely stressful day. Tensions were high, emotions were all over the place and Donald J. Trump got sworn in as the 45th president. If you ask me, everyone in attendance seemed a little too happy to be all around each other. Thank god Bad Lip Reading is back to let us know what really went down.

After their own version of the Republican debate, Democratic National Convention and what Ted Cruz was really saying, it seems they can’t help themselves from sharing with the people the political truth. Inauguration Day, however, takes the cake. The video is full of Obama saying “You suckkk,” Melania giving Michelle pretzels, Hilary and Bush realizing we have a problem, Bush wearing a big boy shirt, and of course Trump saying “I’m important.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.


Posted By: Emma