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The debate on gun control is raging. As they should be, people are very upset and vocal about the obscene amount of mass shootings across the country. People are particularly focused on the NRA – an American non-profit that advocates gun rights. Unfortunately, America’s biggest restaurant trade group, the National Restaurant Association, is being sucked into the conversation – due to the total coincidence that it shares initials with the gun rights advocacy group.

Yep, this 100-year-old business organization that supports more than 380,000 restaurants across the US is being mixed-up with the right-wing, lunatic organization (just my personal opinion). However, luckily, people are realizing their mistakes

Unfortunately, one politician has not been so lucky. Tammy Duckworth, a Democratic Senator from Illinois, is known for being a fierce advocate for tighter gun restrictions. She received a $50 donation from the National Restaurant Association – let’s just say there has been some confusion.

Posted by Kat