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Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche

Recently I was sent the short film, Nuit Blanche. I was so blown away by the digital effects and cinematography of this 4:41 movie that I had to share it with all our faithful m. blog readers.

Canadian filmmaker Arev Manoukian spent four days filming on a green-screen soundstage in Toronto and then another eight months layering digital effects to create Nuit Blanche. The result? A slow-motion car crash…yes, car crash…and fleeting romantic moment between two strangers.

“White Night” (for all you non-French speakers) truly captivates the viewer and leaves one both impressed and moved. Arev posted his video on the Spy Films website and, within a few days, Hollywood big-shots were already calling to sign him. In March, he signed with the talent agency William Morris Endeavor and has already been in talks with directors and producers regarding his very own feature film. caught up with Arev and got the inside scoop on how he created this cinematic masterpiece. When you click on the link, watch the film before scrolling down to read the details.


Posted by Alyssa