Rain or Shine, Obama Knows How to Dress at All Times

Obama Weather

Remember when you were younger and would wake up for school and Mom would help you pick out what to wear? For the most part, she got it right if—for no other reason—than moms know everything (oh yeah—and watch the morning weather forecast religiously)! It was kinda like having your own personal meteorologist living under your roof. Well, those days may be over but—thanks to the Weather Channel and Weather.com’s wacky (yet accurate) forecast—President Obama is picking up where Mom left off. Obama-Weather.com features a cartoon version of President Obama relaying what’s appropriate to wear for an upcoming vacation, business trip or everyday life. There is even a ‘Zen’ link on the site that, when clicked, offers tips on taking advantage of the forecast such as, “Now the weather is good for walking.”

Simply log onto the site, pick your location and choose Obama (or other characters, including Angelina Jolie) who will appear dressed appropriately for your weather each day. For instance, if it’s a balmy 80 degrees you can find him wearing shorts and a tee. If it’s a crisp 50 degrees, he’s seen sporting a light jacket with jeans. This quirky approach has received national attention for its creative take on meteorology. So while health care, the economy and foreign affairs may still be a mess, at least we can rely on the Pres for help somewhere!

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