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Shirvell?…Of Course Your Name is Shirvell…You Stupid F*ck!

Shirvell?…Of Course Your Name is Shirvell…You Stupid F*ck!

Oldest story in the book…radical Christian closet-case moron attacks cute young gay activist. For the past six months, Andrew Shirvell (pictured above alongside the devilishly handsome Anderson Cooper), an assistant attorney general for the state of Michigan, has digitally harassed Chris Armstrong, the openly gay U Michigan student assembly president, on his blog. To be quite honest, I wish we had more Andrew Shirvells around…it would make advancing the gay rights movement so much easier if all of our opponents were this stupid.

You really must reserve a few minutes to watch Cooper’s interview with Shirvell on AC 360. Shirvell’s position is so laughably weak and his manner of presentation so wickedly unsophisticated, the entire thing views like a fictitious snip-it from debates between the Christian activists and reps from the Advancement of Vampire Rights — not to mention making us all wonder how this nincompoop managed to become an assistant attorney general (ha — am I actually questioning how half-wits make their way into public office!?!).

Though I wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises for those of you who haven’t seen this yet, a few highlights include:

  • Shirvell striving to educate Cooper on the intricacies of political maneuvering… “Anderson, well, ummm, if you’ve been involved in political campaigns before, you know all sorts of stuff happens….” WONDERFULLY put Shirvell!
  • When asked by Cooper if he thinks it is appropriate for someone in his public position to be targeting a local college student for being gay, Shirvell responds, “Like I said, this is a political campaign, this is nothing personal against Chris.” Followed shortly thereafter by, “I am doing this as a private citizen, off work time, as a University of Michigan alum.” Okay…wait…WTF?
  • Also, something Cooper doesn’t have a chance to address with Shirvell… “Why are you calling Chris Armstrong a racist?”  His controversial student body agenda item is gender neutral housing! Oh, and longer cafeteria hours…wow, talk about a bigot!

All joking aside, people like Shirvell do get me pissed off a little, but I’m reserving my anger for smart right wing assholes who actually pose some threat…p.s. where is Russell Edgington when we need him to tear this guy’s spine out of his body on live television so he can stop wasting our time!

Posted by Sam