Oh, Behave!

Have you ever considered how different people are perceived with an accent? I never did until a video was released of Donald Trump speaking in a posh english accent. Now let’s be honest, Trump is a total asshole, but you can’t deny the truth behind his words sometimes (no, not just you Rosie). Despite his cartoonish figure *flips hair* and the general fact that I can’t take him seriously, people might actually change their views if he sounded a little more sophisticated.

Here’s a perfect example, Victoria Beckham. Do you think Posh Spice would be…well, Posh, without her accent? NO?! She would be a raging betch with a mean hand-on-hip-pouty-lip-pose.  If any American celeb (or any American in general) only smiled once a year, they wouldn’t be perceived half as chic.

Basically, people sound way more approachable with an accent. See what I’m talking about here:

Case closed, and if you don’t agree, I can think of a few examples.


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