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Oh, No… You Just “Liked” An Instagram Photo From 133 Weeks Ago

Oh, No… You Just “Liked” An Instagram Photo From 133 Weeks Ago

Image source Morena Chronicles

We’ve all been there. One evening on your commute home on the T, you’ve found yourself scrolling through the Instagram photos of your ex-boyfriend’s sister’s best friend’s account, checking out her most recent Euro Trip. How you got there? You’re not quite sure. But as you scroll back to a post from 133 weeks ago, the T comes to a lurch and your thumb accidentally double clicks on the photo. And in slow motion, as a big heart pops up on the screen, you internally scream a huge “NoOoOo.”

Yup, you just made one of the world’s biggest social media mistakes of all time. Frantically, you can’t figure out what to do. Should you unlike it? What if they already got the notification? They’ll already know you were stalking. Do they even know who you are? Should you even care? (The answer is yes, yes you should care.)

This brings me to today’s lesson: the worst social media mistakes you can make (so that you hopefully avoid them).

1. Sharing your Spotify activity on Facebook without knowing it. You signed up and ugh, they force you to use your Facebook account to login. Of course, since you’re a Spotify newb, you have no idea that every song you listen to pops up on Facebook’s scrolling newsfeed (not sure where that is? It’s on the right column, above your list of contacts that are online & can chat). While some people don’t mind, because they know they have impeccable taste in music… it gets slightly more embarrassing when you spot one of your college guy friends listening to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

2. Secretly checking someone out on Facebook and accidently liking their recent status. I think this is self-explanatory. Now they know you were social media stalking them.

3. Trying to type a person’s name in the Facebook search box and accidently making it your status. The good thing about this is that it’s very easy to fix. Just a quick “delete” can solve this almost disastrous social media mistake. Unfortunately, you don’t normally realize you did this until your best friend texts you with an “Oh my god. 9-1-1. Delete your status RIGHT NOW.

4. And back to my original story above. Never ever “like” a photo from 200 weeks ago on someone’s Instagram account. There’s simply no recovering from this.

Posted by Robbin