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Image source Philly mag

Cat cafés have been all the rage in cities like Tokyo, London, NYC, and even Boston, but the cat trend doesn’t stop there. Recently, the calming effect cats have on humans has been introduced to another peaceful practice – yoga.

Over the summer, an Illinois yoga studio brought shelter cats in to a class after a photo of a cat riding on the shoulder of the shelter’s social media manager went viral. And the media loved it, because, well, cats are adorable and cuddly.

The trend spread to cat cafes, and now Catmosphere in Sydney and Meow Parlour in NYC swap the lattes for weekly yoga classes. Catmosphere co-owner Thomas Derricot told The Daily Mail that each class holds a max of 10 yogis and 17-19 cats. That’s almost two cats per person! But the idea isn’t to bother the cats, rather to let them roam freely. “You’re stretching in the environment of the cats and the cats, invariably, will come to you,” Derricot said. “It’s a wildcard experience, you don’t know how they will react.”

Jessica Roy, who tried a yoga class with cats in the name of journalism for New York mag’s “The Cut,” points out the inevitable: “Of course, the thing about cats is they sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, so there’s a really good chance that any time you visit a cat café they’re all going to be napping.” Which means you could end up practicing your poses in a room full of sleeping cats. Which would make it really difficult for me not to curl up next to them. But luckily, both spots allow for special 15-45 minutes of purely cat cuddling.

Though I see the appeal of doing yoga with cats, I can’t help but think the studio/café has to smell like a litterbox, amiright? Which could easily turn meditation into a cat-astrophe (see what I did there?!).


Posted by Erin D