Old Computers or Works of Art?

Ever wondered what happens to old electronics and computer parts? To be honest, I hadn’t given it too much thought, until I saw Benjamin Von Wong’s stunning artwork inspired by Dell’s electronics recycling program.

Image Source: AdWeek, Benjamin Von Wong

As of 2010, Dell had determined that “142,000 computers are thrown away [every day] in the United States” and that number is growing each year. After learning about Dell’s recycling program at South by Southwest in 2017, Benjamin Von Wong got to work to spread awareness of this issue through a year-long photography project. By using thousands of old computer components (4,100 lbs of them to be exact) and a body-painted model, Von Wong developed a number of eye-catching shots showing the startling surplus of electronic garbage, which “is the fastest growing municipal waste system in the world,” regularly developed by humans in our computer-driven society.

By creating such a stunning piece of storytelling artwork, Von Wong successfully caught my attention, as I’m sure he will with many others, regarding himself as an artist and environmental activist, while also spotlighting Dell as an ethical company working to do its part to save the planet. Check out his creative process behind the project here and prepare to be amazed

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