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Olive Garden Breaks Bread, Receives PR Miracle

Olive Garden Breaks Bread, Receives PR Miracle

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I’m not ashamed to tell the world that I love Olive Garden. While I may be French, German, Irish, Scottish, English and a touch of Inuit, not a drop in my blood is Italian, so I feel like maybe it’s okay to highly enjoy the “Italian” chain that is often reprimanded for its chain-like qualities. Needless to say when I heard that Olive Garden was taking my favorite oily garlic-y (microwaved?) breadsticks and turning them into sandwiches I got giddy. I’m talking giddy like I texted a few of my non-foodie friends who share my admiration for the OG and thought about maybe trying one myself, but not like “shout to the mountains because my life is about to change” giddy.

Apparently the media was in such a rut for “news” that they had to turn to the “breadstick revelation” as their top story last week. While I give major props to whoever is behind the PR for The Olive Garden, I have to question why this is considered “breaking news”? It’s breadsticks, people. Chill out. Everyone from The New York Times to Fortune to NBC News covered the hot (get it?) news.  It was even on!  Olive Garden’s carbalicious menu has once again won the hearts…and likely stomachs…of America.


Posted by Christina