On the Eighth Day, God Cured Hangovers

Image source hangoverheaven.com

You know that feeling when you wake up around noon after a long night of drinking — pounding headache, vicious nausea, full body aches — and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and never, ever move? It may be the most miserable feeling you’ve ever felt. Well, there may be a cure…if you’re in Vegas, that is.

A Duke-educated anesthesiologist, Dr. James Burke (aka your savior) noticed that many of the symptoms post-surgery patients faced were the same as ravers and club-goers…so he took that fancy education and decided to go rogue, making the lives of Vegas partiers a little easier.

Enter Hangover Heaven, a tour bus that drives around Las Vegas injecting people with IV medications to cure all of the miserable consequences of your wild night out. A little anti-nausea medication, and some vitamins — all injected straight into the blood stream — are guaranteed to get you back to 100% in 45 minutes. Or, for those Vegas VIPS, Hangover Heaven will send a “real” doctor (which makes me wonder who’s administering the IV on the bus?!) to your hotel room to administer two bags of IV fluids. Either way, sounds pretty great to me.

Sounds like what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas…especially when it’s a hangover!

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