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On the Pulse

On the Pulse

In much the same way that my parents refused to buy an answering machine or microwave until well into the late ‘90s, I’ve been somewhat slow on the uptake when it comes to technology. It’s not like I lament the passing of the Walkman or the Palm Pilot, but I’ve always been about 18 months behind when it comes to having the latest gadget or the most cutting-edge phone. Until two weeks ago, I had the same cell phone as the majority of 12-year olds – the enV 2. A sleek little flip phone with texting-only capabilities, my phone was the lightening rod for derision and humiliation among my friends, family and even a few strangers. Finally succumbing to the masses, I upgraded to what I like to call a “fancy phone,” a.k.a. one that lets you “surf the information superhighway,” download apps and other things beyond my enV’s realm of understanding.

Other than the two-way text conversations (extremely helpful when trying to piece together the night before – much easier than sorting through your inbox and sent folders), what I love most about my new phone is an app I’ve downloaded called “Pulse.” A news reader that allows you to view photos and headlines of the top stories from up to 20 sources, then click through for more, Pulse is my latest addiction. Already an aggressive media consumer, Pulse allows me to view the top stories from The New Yorker, Gawker, Grubstreet, Fashionista, Vanity Fair Daily, The Huffington Post, Salon, The Sartorialist, Mashable, The New York Times and more, at-a-glance. It’s brilliant!

While I’m sad to say goodbye to my ‘tween phone, I’m pretty happy with the upgrade.

Posted by Amelia