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On the Road Again

RV travel

On the Road Again

Image Source: The Washington Post

As Jack Kerouac famously wrote, “there was nowhere to go, but everywhere.” With international travel on hold for the foreseeable future, wanderlust-filled Americans are kicking it old-school and hitting the open road. It’s been a rough couple months, to put it lightly, and in a post-lockdown society, the great outdoors sure sounds lovely. In an effort to get outside, explore new places, and adhere to CDC guidelines, RV travel has recently made a huge comeback. Bye, bye 2020 and hello 1960’s! That’s right, the motorhome is officially back in business. By renting an RV, you can control every aspect of travel and do so safely. That includes thoroughly disinfecting and sanitizing your vehicle, avoiding hotels and sticking to less densely populated areas. You and those in your tight-knit ‘quarantine circle’ can journey into the great unknown and plan a trip that suits everyone’s comfort levels.

According to this New York Times article, there’s been a huge surge in the demand for all RVs since the pandemic hit. While purchasing an RV can be as expensive as buying a home, there are marketplace platforms that allow you to rent them. Outdoorsy, a global recreational vehicle rental and outdoor experiences marketplace, offers thousands of vintage, pet-friendly or budget vehicles from motorhomes (avg. $209/night) to camper vans (avg. $160/night) and even pop-up trailers (avg. $81/night). At that price, it makes you wonder what we’ve been missing out on all these years! There’s also options from Cruise America and RVshare to accommodate whatever size and type of vehicle you’re looking for.

Once you’ve locked in the RV, all that’s left to do is map out your trip, stock up on groceries, and hit the road, Jack! Just don’t forget to pack your masks and bring along plenty of hand sanitizer.

Posted by Abby