Once A Bridesmaid…


Let’s face it; we’ve all been there. Standing by our best friend’s side in some hideous combination of purple and yellow to match our daffodil bouquets and the bride’s affinity for all things lavender. We smile and compliment her choice in bridesmaid gowns, “Oh, it’s totally wearable again!”—all the while thinking—“I just spent $200 on a dress I will never be caught dead in again.” The silver lining? Someday it’ll be your day to say “I do” and get sweet, bride-to-be revenge.  But I digress….

In comes NewlyMaid, a genius company that lets you recycle your bridesmaid dresses and score credits towards the purchase of a little black dress (something you will most definitely wear again)! The website accepts dress donations from a number of “typical” bridesmaid dress designers (yes, that’s you, David’s Bridal), so all you need to do is send in your dress, get the NewlyMaid stamp of approval and you’ll be on your way to a hot, new LBD. The site offers a selection of black dress styles — from office appropriate to date night fierce — at discounted prices, and you can rest assured that your ugly bridesmaid frock will go to good use, either being recycled or donated.  The best part? The bride will never know!

Now, if only you could exchange those dyed lavender shoes for a pair of Louboutins…

Posted by Alyssa

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