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One Joint Takes The Pizza Game To a Whole New High

One Joint Takes The Pizza Game To a Whole New High

Image Source: Google Images

No matter what your circumstances, where you live, or who you are, there’s one comfort food that will forever lock down the number one spot in most everybody’s heart….PIZZA! That cheesy, greasy goodness has never ceased to let me down; our long-standing relationship had outlasted any other in my lifetime.

It’s a life goal of mine to become one of those pizza lovers who flock from city to city, trying to find the best pie around. However, I may not have to look much further, possibly only about 20 minutes away. Yep, a shop right here in Quincy, MA may have just revolutionized the pizza game, one-upping all other close contenders. The pizza, however, is not found in your average “pizza joint.” You see, their pizza is your new joint.

Ermont Inc., a Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary, has combined everyone’s love for pizza with what they do best: dispensing marijuana. Containing 125 milligrams of THC, each pizza sells for $38.00 each, a small price to pay given the cost of paraphernalia that many other marijuana users consistently face. Plus, who needs candy edibles – I’ll take carbs over sugar any day!

Although I can’t personally attest to the taste and/or experience of consuming one of these pizzas, I’ve heard raves from those who have gotten to try it since it launched late last month.

So if you’re in the market for a pizza with a little something something, just make sure you don’t forget your medical marijuana ID card!

Posted by Olivia M.