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GILTy as Charged

GILTy as Charged

I never saw myself as much of an online shopper. In fact, I’ve always been a staunch supporter of the importance of brick and mortar retail. Browsing, tasting, flipping through, trying on, chatting with the sales staff…click click click just never did it for me.

However, now that my inbox is chock full o’ dailies every morning promoting the newest, hottest and most inventive, I’ve become a bit of an online impulse shopper. And, I have to say, having a pile of packages waiting at your door is pretty f’ing gratifying, even if I didn’t get to flirt with the sales clerk. Here are some of my latest and greatest finds:

John Varvatos Converse $48  (
Yes I know they’re a little played out, but perfect for summer and super cute.

Charles & Marie AK47 Ice Tray $15
OMG – best xmas gift for my brother!!! And can we say hostess gift extraordinaire!

Coton Doux Custom Shirts 45 euros (I haven’t converted yet)
Robert Graham and Paul Smith…I like ‘em both and have plenty, these are much more affordable and still super funky and vibrant.

Case of TIZ Red 2004 (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah) $48.00 (

A case for $48 and reallllly delicious!

Posted by Sam