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Only in England…and Germany

Only in England…and Germany

Have you ever noticed that Brits have an insatiable appetite for the kind of shocking, sensational news that would make even TMZ czar Harvey Levin choke on his straw in horror? Whether it’s apple-sized eye tumors being removed through a woman’s nose or a town full of nine-year-old smokers, they just can’t seem to get enough of the bizarre. That’s why it came as no shock to uncover a story about cow farts in a can.

Yes, you read correctly: cow farts in a can. You see, a company in Germany recently launched a product that captures the smell of the countryside in a straw-lined tin sold for about $7 a pop. Naturally these tins sold like gangbusters in Germany where the target audience seemed to be country people who moved to the city and wanted to be reminded of their bucolic home. And if it’s not cows that you’re after, be patient—the company plans to roll out horse, straw, pig and manure smells soon.

I guess it’s time to ditch the Diptyque for some l’eau de Holstein.

Posted by Amelia