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Oops–she did it again!

Oops–she did it again!

Britney Spears, the “Queen of Pop” and controversy, has done it again. Only a few months after her ‘come back’ album, “Circus”, hit stores, attention has already been drawn to one of her latest songs.

“If You Seek Amy” is an upbeat track that you can’t seem to get out of your head; the exact reason why parents and censors are concerned. Why? Try saying “If You Seek Amy” quickly and without a breath. Sound like something a tad less innocent? Exactly! Ms. Spears hardly wrote a song about a girl named Amy and perhaps, it’s the inconspicuous nature of the lyrics that’s got people talking. Outraged parents have been vocal about the song being banned from airwaves unless the lyrics are tweaked. In order to prepare Britney for a stress-free 2009 and upcoming tour, the label dropped the ‘k’ off Seek and made the title a bit more family-friendly, “If You See Amy”. I guess it takes the edge off her original lyric, which read, “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F-U-Seek-Me”.

Call me a sheltered girl from Cheshire, Connecticut, but I listened to the song multiple times without ever picking up on the hidden phrase. I have a music aficionado for a friend (who happens to be from downtown Philly…maybe I missed something growing up?) and within a week of the album dropping, he had already deciphered Brit’s sneakiness. Of course, this then enabled me to let all my friends in on the secret lyric and pretend I was the savvy one! Whatever the song title reads and whatever the meaning, the track is undeniably catchy in that “I can’t believe I’m singing along to this…” way.

Is “If You Seek Amy”… a controversy or overreaction? What’s your thought?

Posted by Alyssa