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Opinions Unasked For: My Thoughts On Beaches

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Opinions Unasked For: My Thoughts On Beaches

Image Source: Peter’s Travels 

I’d like to start this blog off with a disclaimer that I don’t have a ton of American beach experience outside of Massachusetts. So, if you are a Rhode Islander and disagree with me, I hear you. If you know a Massachusetts beach that offers the services I request PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 😊

Anyway, no one asked me what I think about beaches, but here I am telling you. I love the beach. There is no better feeling than the sun on your skin and jumping into cool ocean waters, especially after a LONG New England winter. Alas, there are of course some things I don’t love. Getting TO the beach. Traffic, nowhere to park, or having to pay large sums of money to park. Then, you get to the beach after lugging your cooler and chair and towels for 20 minutes, you set up, sit down… oh, wait! You have to pee. The bathroom is of course, one mile down the beach, if it exists at all. Please note it is 90 degrees out and you didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast because you were in such a rush to get to the beach early enough to find parking. You make the trek to the bathroom, take a dip in the cool (READ: freezing) Atlantic and go back to your lovely towel. If you are like me and basically blind, it probably took several attempts to actually find your towel because there are ten million other people on the beach.

You are finally settled. The sun is on your skin, hopefully turning you a nice golden color. If only you had an alcoholic beverage of some kind. That is, of course, illegal to have on the beach in Massachusetts. Too bad. Food? There is a snack shack two miles down the beach, so you have to be really hungry. Ahhh. Summer in Massachusetts. The memories. The frustration.

May I present to you an alternate beach reality called: Europe. There exists in the world beaches that have CHAIRS and UMBRELLAS ready and waiting for you to rent for a meager $10 for the day. No lugging. Cocktails? Available. More into wine? They have that too. Snacks? RIGHT THERE! NO HIKING! The bathrooms include showers and changing rooms and are also not far away. Can you tell I am not an outdoorsy gal? Of course, there are more sauvage beaches in Europe, but I thoroughly enjoy the option of these more civilized beaches where I can enjoy a focaccia and a spritz under the shade of an umbrella I didn’t have to lug for four miles. It just tastes a bit sweeter, no?

Posted by Giana