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Oprah’s Favorite Things Will Probably be Your Favorite Things marlo marketing

Oprah’s Favorite Things Will Probably be Your Favorite Things

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Love it or hate it, when Oprah declares a product as her favorite, the whole world takes note — and then goes out to buy whatever the Queen of Television insists she can’t live without. Her list is also meticulously announced right before the holidays so that if you can’t think of something to buy your loved one, you can rely on Oprah’s list of 79 items (and a bonus item — whoopie!) and tell yourself it must be good if Oprah herself picked it.

After taking a gander at this year’s list, I have to say that it’s impressive and I want at least 75% of the items for myself or for my family and friends. The Perfect Black Pant Collection? I wear black pants! Eastern Standard Provisions Soft Pretzel and Flavored Salt Gift Set? Forget New Year’s resolutions, sign me the heck up.

But then you have to wonder if all of these things are as great as Oprah says or if they are only great because Oprah decided they are. And that is the power of accolades and awards, my friends.

How often do we find ourselves looking for credibility before we purchase something new? With websites such as Yelp and CitySearch, we constantly seek companies boasting four or five stars in ratings or with a “Best Of” award under their belts. In this type of environment, it is crucial for any business to gain recognition for its outstanding achievements and innovative services or products in order to distinguish themselves from competitors.

Therefore, business or industry awards must not be overlooked or forgotten, especially given the current economic climate where competition for new customers is fierce. Awards contribute to what I like to call V&V: Visibility and Validation. A prime example of this is what I found in the tech section. Oprah includes a Flywheel Home Bike with Built-in Tablet. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I have heard of Peloton, the high-end indoor bicycle, from their commercials. It will be interesting to see how many people will decide to go with a Flywheel now that it’s made Oprah’s list (and the 20% code she provides doesn’t hurt). So, you ask the question: is Flywheel more up to snuff? The validity of the list says so against Peloton’s consistent advertisements.

So, don’t knock accolades and awards just yet, because this list is convincing me to drop $900 on an espresso machine (I won’t… maybe).

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