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Oreo: Milk’s Favorite Viral Cookie marlo marketing

Oreo: Milk’s Favorite Viral Cookie

Image Source: Oreo via

Hot Chicken Wing. Wasabi. Fruit Punch. 

If you hear these flavors and think, “Ah, yes – my favorite Oreo flavor!”, you’re probably in the minority. Did you know that the creation of the 65 novelty Oreo flavors since 2012 is all a big conspiracy to get us to buy regular Oreos? Yes. Those darn marketing people do it again! 😉 As an Oreo insider told the New York Times, novelty Oreos are really just hype campaigns to drive you back to your tried-and-true black and white faves. According to Nielsen (and as shared in the NYT article), when the sales for novelty flavors went up 12%, the sales for classic flavors was up 22%! Perhaps it’s a safety net – you want to try the fun, crazy flavor but already know you love Double Stuf, so you grab a both to do a taste comparison (or two).

And sometimes, it’s not the flavor of the cookie that changes, but the color, often times released in partnership with a brand or celeb. The latest novelty Oreo to hit shelves? A salmon-colored cookie with green creme released with Lady Gaga in honor of her new album, “Chromatica.”

Now that Lady Gaga has her own, we think it’s time for the marlo Oreo: tiger orange cookie and white chocolate filling. And we’ll take a package of the original, just in case. 

Posted by Molly