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Out of Cali ‘n Into NYC marlo marketing

Out of Cali ‘n Into NYC

Image Source: Visit California

Some people equate a trip to “La La Land” with its pristine beaches, celebrity sightings and Disneyland. Others? A trip to the ever-so popular fast food chain In-N-Out.

Which is why 31-year-old Lincoln Boehm of Jamaica, Queens was perplexed when he stumbled upon a perfect fully-intact burger on a Sunday afternoon – 1,500 miles from the nearest West Coast burger chain.

It fact, the Santa Monica native said, “It genuinely shook me to my core.”

Since the story broke and the media blew up with it, theories of how the burger ended up on a random NYC street began to flow. Some social media users thought it was a marketing stunt thought up by the In-N-Out team to tease the popular West Coast chain finally coming to the East Coast. Others deemed it part of an alien invasion (brought on the by the viral Area 51 visit this fall), while other In-N-Out lovers concluded – the burger simply fell from heaven.

It would be the perfect marketing ploy – there’s beauty in its simplicity. Easy, random and with just the right amount of “shock factor.” But In-N-out hadn’t taken ownership of the mysterious perfectly-packaged burger days after the burger was found. Turns out, 16-year-old Helen Vivas was the unknowing mastermind behind the viral media storm.

In fact, the Queens high school student shared public screenshots documenting her entire recent trip to San Diego to visit family friends – timestamps, credit card receipts, Instagram Stories boarding her flight home… the works! Shortly before leaving for her flight, she proved to have paid a visit to In-N-Out, and because they are considered oh-so sacred, had asked the employee to “preserve the burgers as much as possible.”

According to VICE, Helen almost missed her bus back home to Flushing, Queens after landing, and in an attempt to make it, started sprinting down the street. Alas – there is the moment she accidentally dropped her pristine burger on the streets of New York.

You can see the full receipts from her fateful journey here.

Ah, well. Looks like we will all have to keep dreaming of the day when Double-Doubles make their way to the East Coast. Looking at you @InNOut!

Posted by Katie